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#02.04.2020 Email to Bondreview

02.04.2020 email to Bondreview

Iain Stamp v Office of The Complaints Commissioner

Iain Stamp v Office of The Complaints Commissioner (Defendant 1) The FCA (Defendant 2)

FCA Causes Consumer Detriment

FCA Causes Consumer Detriment

The Pyramid of Power The Perception Deception Documentary and Movie Story

Stargate Reply to FCA Statement of Case 03.2018

Vavasseur fraud

Anthony Stansfeld letter

Financial Irregularity Speculations Against Iain Stamp are False


FCA Matters

Iain Stamp v FCA Complaints Commissioner Judicial Review

Summary of Case

FCA Complaint

Iain Stamp v FCA Witness Statement UKITI Stargate 250219

Download witness statement

I took on the FCA at the Upper Tribunal only to find that I had no third party rights. The matter is covered here. The judges decision is here, link to this
Link to my witness statement.
Download witness statement.

My Case Against FCA (Civil Court)

Following the realisation that the Upper Tribunal could not hear my matter as I had no third party rights I tried to sue the FCA for misfeasance and bad faith,ultimately this proved near impossible as to prove misfeasance and or bad faith I needed an admission from the FCA that they deliberately damaged me, I obviously was not going to get this admission.

I am currently complaining to the FCA Complaints Commissionaire about the whole matter

Complaints Commissionaire decision on my earlier matters, rejected as the FCA invoke another of its exemptions
Download decision

FSA/FCA - Bad Faith - Misfeasance

PPF Case Against Bhupinder Singh

Summary of PPF Capital Source case against Mr. Singh

Iain Stamp v Global Management Solutions Fourth Affidavit

PPF Asserts that Struck off Lawyer Martin Boulton has frustrated PPFs claim against Mr Singh

1. Download Doc 1

2. Download Doc 2

Mr Singh loses stay application

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Stay order

Download Stay order

Cost Order

Download Cost Order

PPF Capital Source

Fresh legal action by PPF Capital Source director after annulled liquidation

  Link to "The Times" News Article

Judgement 2020 IECA 63 In the matter of
PPF Capital Source Ltd. and In the matter of The Companies Act 2014 2019 112 (002)

Case Against Sunday Times (The Times Newspaper Group)

1. Iain Stamp - draft letter of claim

2. English funder urged to explain.pdf

3. Letter to Irish Times Article

4. PPF Skeleton (hearing on 9 May 2018)

5. Summary of Expenditure.pdf

6. Affidavit of Iain Clifford Stamp