Malicious Postings

It has become standard practice when researching new individuals you may be considering doing business with to search for their names on internet search engines to see what pops up. Using this system, you can find some general information about individuals or companies that can be of use.

Unfortunately, like any system, its authenticity is only as valid as the individuals who use it.

I have been the victim of some attempts to defame my reputation. I wish to be transparent with my clients and counterparts, and I apologise if these malicious postings cause any inconvenience. Below I address the harmful content directly and provide evidence which proves its inaccuracy.

There are two negative stories online about me-:

The Integrity Matter

Many years ago, an individual named David Cottrell posted a libellous article on and sent a newsletter to IFA networks. I took Mr Cottrell to court for libel, and he was forced to apologise for his false claims publically. See Citywire article. Unfortunately, the reputational damage lingered. Ripoff report itself is a well-known extortion racket which seeks to hold reputations of individuals for ransom, charging hefty fees just for the ‘privilege’ of rebutting the claims.

In a letter to my MP George Hollingbury, Margaret Cole the Head of the FSA at the time also confirmed there was no wrong doing by myself and I was never under any sort of investigation. Read the letter here.

Other official media sites such as CityWire and BBC incorrectly cited me as responsible for client losses. I am currently involved in shaping a group action for all Integrity clients and myself against the product providers to seek justice for the damaged individuals. See The Integrity Group Action Website for more information.

PPF False Fraud Accusations

Perhaps the most ridiculous article, posted by a disgruntled ex-director knew about the effect of the previous damaging ripoff report and attempted to create a copycat article as an act of revenge. It makes wild accusations about advanced fee fraud. No claims of fraud have been made through the official legal channels, and the only trace of this lie starts and ends on the internet. If necessary, my legal team can provide evidence that these claims are false.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Iain Stamp

Financial Engineer